Jul 30, 2016


Some people will come into your life and just make you feel like it all makes sense, like the world exists for a reason, like you exist for a reason. They will give life meaning enough for you to realize that it's okay to be sad; it's okay to fall down and get hurt. It's okay because they are there and because they will be there to guide you and help you stand. They will be there to make you feel whole in your bones, like every bit of you is in place and feels good where it is. It fits.
They will make you feel like you fit. Like you fit in a world you once thought you don't belong to. They will make you believe that you are capable of doing all the things you wanted but thought you weren't qualified for. They will make you feel good enough, worthy enough, and it will be like they built you out of the rubble, like they collected all the shattered, dispersed pieces of you and made a complete something out of them; you. A complete you, a different you.
They will just make sense out of everything.
They will be the light that you should do all your best to never put out.
They will be you, only when you take a leap of faith. Only when you realize that this light comes from within you. The light that shines through the empty holes and tiny cracks in your soul; and again you realize, you realize that without these cracks you wouldn't see the light. You wouldn't know that it deserves to come out. You wouldn't know that you have it all, all inside you, but all what you need is a moment of clarity, a moment of reconciliation and power. Power to unleash greater power, to bring out the light. The light that only comes from within.