Dec 12, 2015

I don't know

I don't know if we are victims of all the harshness in the world or why we see it to be unfair is somehow our fault. I don't know if overthinking and over-analyzing is wrong, tiring and consuming or is it the proper way to reach correct conclusions and find peace within our deliberately planned decisions. Should we consider every step and calculate every move we make or just follow our hearts till the end of time? Should we find middle ground, not follow our hearts without using our heads and not use our heads and go against our hearts? Is that even possible?
Should we speak up and let it all out because bottled up feelings are like swords to our fragile souls or are some things better left unsaid? What is, for that matter, better to be left unsaid?
I don't know.
I don't know if we should take a leap of faith and have trust in the unknown or should we be cautious, back off and wait. Should we venture, take risks because it's only one life or should we stay safe and protect ourselves from any opportunity carrying potential harms? 
Should we fight relentlessly for people or let them go for if they are meant to come back they will? Will they? Will all the lost people, moments and opportunities come back in one way or another or should we have clenched to them hard enough to make sure they stick around, or at least guarantee their return?
Should we set no limits to our dreams and fly in the sky of ambition with no restraint, no control or should we just keep our feet on the ground and be realistic, face our predestined futures like we had no choice? Or shall we again reach for elusive, unattainable middle ground? 
I don't know.
All around us are questions. Questions that may be hurtful and distressing. Questions that bring neither aid nor comfort, yet cause further pain and agitation. Questions that raise more questions. Questions that provoke further doubts. And more importantly, questions that don't seem to have answers. But what if there were answers? Will they be right? Will they be wrong? Will they bring us tranquility or be of more discomfort?
I don't know.
I just don't know.
But what do we know?

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