Jul 28, 2015


So, here's my first blog post. My breakout. How I let go.

Let go. Let go and don't hold back.
Don't be a caged bird and bottle up your songs.
Don't let people hear only one melody.
Speak out with your sweet voice, sing your ideas, let out your thoughts, color the world with all the melodies you feel.
Don't let them cage you, don't let them imprison you with their rules.
Break them. Break the rules and fly away. Break the cages, untie the strings. Release the strains and be free.
Take risks, venture, experiment, try. Fly where you want to fly and see with your own little eyes.
See for yourself, don't trust their lies. Don't let them show you only what they want you to see.
Don't let them captivate your views. Don't let them limit your choices.
Don't let them deny you the opportunities.
Fly to all the different places, observe all the different sights, notice all the different things, rejoice in all the different details.
Rebel, revel. Revel in the delicacy of the air around you. Absorb it in, and let it out.
Don't let your music live only within your heart. Share your music. Share your visions.
Spread your wings and sing along. Fly close and fly far.
Be independent, unconstrained, unenslaved.
The world needs you.
The world is yours, not theirs.
At least not theirs alone.

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