Jul 30, 2015

Emptiness Fulfilled

I wrote this a while back and now I am posting it upon a special request from a person who has stood by me through thick and thin. 
Just for you, Sama Tarek. Thank you for being a believer. 

Have you ever felt that void in your heart, like a hole that can never be filled, emptiness, just emptiness inside you? A space that nothing can easily fill.
Have you ever felt that longing to full satisfaction, that urge, that solid desire to take off looking for the very thing that can make you feel whole again?
Is it possible to find such thing in somebody's eyes?
The look you get, that makes you feel rich, loaded, that compensates the missing part of your heart.
Is it possible to be genuinely overwhelmed by a person, carried away by every little line forming the curve of their smile? That this smile, this precise same smile could move bits inside you, covering the emptiness, blocking the hole present within your self?
Your thirst to reach satisfaction has been quenched, your boundless, never-ending greed towards fulfillment has been completely appeased. You are fixed, healed of all the sorrows. You are safe again, and that feeling of comfort takes over the hollowness, just because of one person, one captivating smile, and one absolutely affectionate look through gracious, exquisitely faultless eyes.

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